I have been friends with Chet Koehler for over fifty years. Chet has always had the highest level of integrity and an impeccable work ethic. This is why my wife and I chose Conerstone Financial Partners to oversee our most important assets, our retirement funds. Chet and his Team at Cornerstone Financial Partners are always friendly and responsive to our needs. He truly cares about his clients and finds great satisfaction in helping his clients meet their financial goals. Chet is a fantastic educator and has shared so much of his knowledge with us. The knowledge he has provided us includes investment retirement funds, home finance, life insurance, retirement tax , etc. We have dealt with financial counselors who try to sell us on so many different products. Chet does have a lot of great products to offer his clients to build their retirement goals, but he will be the first one to tell you that they are not for everyone. He educates you and he leaves the decisions to the client. We feel very confident that our retirement funds are managed through Cornerstone Financial Partners. Chet has reached out on several occasions recommending reallocation of funds and he has explained thoroughly why he was making those recommendations. We highly recommend Chet Koehler and his company, Cornerstone Financial Partners, to anyone who is looking for a dependable Financial Services company to guide them to their financial goals.

Chris Ota

I have known Chet and his family for around 25 years. Our children attended the same school. I knew he was in the financial planning business, but we never discussed investing during our many interactions at school events. About 5 years ago, I had some questions about my wife and my social security benefits. I had talked to my then broker about this and didn't receive any substantive answers to my questions. I decided to contact Chet to see if he could shed some light on my questions. I have been an Auditor & Controller my entire working life, so I know my way around financial situations. I also can easily recognize someone that knows what they are talking about when it comes to finances, investments, retirement planning and taxes. I was very impressed with Chet's knowledge in these fields. There were a few questions he wasn't sure about which he freely admitted, but promised to research, which he did before giving me an answer. Frankly, I am amazed at his knowledge when it comes to Finance, investments, taxes and estate planning. Even if he doesn't know the answer, he has an impressive list of resources and can get the answer. Finally, he didn't solicit my investments! He offered to look at my portfolio and recommend some area's I might be able to improve on. He also pulled back the veil on what the investments were costing me on a monthly basis. Long story short, Chet/Cornerstone are now handling my portfolio and I couldn't be happier! Cornerstone's level of integrity is appreciated. I highly recommend them!

John C.

Chet’s understanding of our financial situation along with his carefully considered strategies have resulted in a solid financial plan, that allows us the freedom and lifestyle, we want in our retirement. We truly feel like Chet is our family’s personal CFO and he makes us feel like we count. Who would have thought that such a high degree of financial knowledge, could be combined with such a warm, caring, and supportive person!

Steve and Terri Sheridan

I've practiced law for 41 years in Las Vegas, and Chet is as rare of a Financial Representative as a good and honest lawyer. His integrity, knowledge, and work ethic are second to none. I am more than grateful to have found him more than 20 years ago, especially as I head into retirement now. Being confident with your Financial Representative is as important as being confident with your lawyer or doctor, you just sleep better at the end of the day.

Jeffrey R. Albregts, Esq,
Nevada Bar No. 66

Chet and his team at Cornerstone Financial Partners, LTD have been my financial professionals for over three decades. Over that time Chet has provided sound guidance and well thought out investment strategies providing me with long-term comfort. This has led to piece of mind for myself and my family. I have known Chet for over 30 years and consider him a trusted friend. Integrity is the word that comes to mind when I think about Chet and over the years I have recommended him to family members and close friends because I know that he will treat them the same way that he treats me. Chet has dedicated his career to helping others and his industry acumen combined with the ability to explain investment options in simple terms makes him an excellent choice to anyone looking for financial professional.

Bob Sheridan
Client since 1999

Chet Koehler has been our financial representative for 25 years. He is always on top of every investment, researching changes and explaining advantages & disadvantages before asking us to make decisions.We rely on him and trust him completely.

Pat Merselis & Marion Littlepage